Bambus Group offers professional solutions for various market research activities to domestic and international clients. We offer and share our expertise in conducting market research with our clients and fellow market research companies, an expertise won in implementing studies for international client. To this end, we offer a series of services to our clients in a timely, secure and reliable fashion, always leaving them satisfied with the results and willing to engage with Bambus Group again. We are confident that we can fulfill your needs with the services outlined below.

  • Mystery shopping
  • Consumer Satisfaction Studies
  • Consumer Research
  • Brand Awareness
  • Opinion Research
  • Product Research
  • Advertising Research
  • B2B/B2C Interviews

    Reaching Out

    Bambus Group conducts research studies with private citizens in Business-to-Client interviews or with other businesses in Business-to-Business interview, depending on the target population and topic. We employ a specialized approach for these two groups of respondents and take care in getting in touch with each of them. Bambus Group form trusting relationships with companies it contacts multiple times and panels with private citizens who are interviewed frequently.

  • CATI - Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing

    In the distance interviewing

    Bambus Group uses Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewers to reach its sample of respondents in a professional, quick, and reliable fashion. We train our staff in reaching out to private citizens and businesses through phones in an ethical and non-invasive manner. We conduct studies in 16 languages and hire only native-speakers or people who spent part of their lives working in those designated countries. By using our CATI services, you can reach your customers throughout the world.

  • CAPI - Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewin

    The personal touch

    Bambus Group conducts Computer-Assisted Personal interviewing through tablets or smartphones. Our clients use this approach when it is difficult to obtain a representative sample through phone calls or when they want to establish a more personal relationship with respondents. At Bambus Group, we take care to check all interviews for quality and report them frequently to out clients.

  • Pencil & Paper Interviewing


    Bambus Group uses paper-and-pencil interviewing techniques to reach segments of the population that are otherwise difficult to reach or require special assistance during the interview. Our clients use this technique to obtain surveys where questions are of a more personal or stigmatized nature. Our interviewers can read questions to respondents or leave them fill out the survey on their own while providing close supervision