Services General

Bambus Group offers professional solutions for various market research activities to domestic and international clients. We offer and share our expertise in conducting market research with our clients and fellow market research companies, an expertise won in implementing studies for international client. To this end, we offer a series of services to our clients in a timely, secure and reliable fashion, always leaving them satisfied with the results and willing to engage with Bambus Group again. We are confident that we can fulfill your needs with the services outlined below.

Mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping with Bambus Group

Bambus Group conducts research studies probing the market and its suitability for its clients while maintaining their anonymity. Through years of doing mystery shopping for our clients, we have gained expertise in providing results and data gathered in real time. Bambus Group does mystery shopping in person, through phone calls, or even remotely by testing websites. Our clients use this technique to assess the availability, professionalism, and brand awareness of their own employees.

Consumer Satisfaction Studies

Are you satisfying your consumers?

Bambus Group conducts qualitative and representative interviews to assess the satisfaction of costumers with a brand of goods or services. We ask how happy companies or private citizens with a product or service they are getting. Bambus Group reaches your clients by phone, in person, or simply observes their actions to gauge their satisfactions with your company.

Consumer Research

Who your consumers are

Bambus Group offers in-depth studies probing the motivation, behavior, and preferences of consumers toward a company, a brand or a specific product. The knowledge gained by researching clientele satisfaction helps clients reach informed marketing decisions in crucial moments. We conduct research into your company’s consumers, but also those of your potential market competitors. Through consumer research provided by Bambus Group, you can decide to change your advertising, expand into new markets, or take a different approach in supplying your goods and services.

Brand Awareness

Consumers’ relationships with your brand

Bambus Group offers brand research to domestic and international companies in order to study how their brand or that of a competitive company is received by their customer base. Companies often wish to understand the way their newly-released brand is being perceived by consumers and whether it is popular in the intended market. Brand awareness research allows our clients to see their products and services from their consumers’ perspective, as well as learn which competitive brands are present in the same share of the market.

Opinion Research

What are people thinking?

Bambus Group researches the opinions of consumers in a sample toward particular issues that are relevant to the client, and does so in a confidential and secure manner. We study consumers’ opinions on various brands, awareness, preferences, or even political and religious opinions. Whether you wish to know more about the attitudes of people toward your company or to learn about the voter turnout in an upcoming election, Bambus Group will find out on time.

Product Research

Your Product Out There?

Did your company just release a new product in a new market? Bambus Group conducts research on a specific product that is already in the market in order to assess costumers’ use of that product and find potential improvements suggested by them. Product Research helps our clients to find out potential problems with product advertisement, supply, manufacturing or reception in the initial phases of product placements.

Advertising Research

Have you seen that new ad?

Bambus Group conducts research for domestic and international companies on the effectiveness and scope of their advertising in reaching millions of potential customers worldwide. Our clients use advertising research to understand how new ads are being received by their costumers and whether they have their intended effect. This information can help guide ad placement and the process of developing new commercials strategies that are effective with all segments of the population.