General Policy


This policy establishes the guidelines and required standards to embed a healthy culture throughout the Bambus Group (the Group). This policy must be read and understood, together with the Corporate Frameworks, and other applicable regulations of conduct in the Corporation and the subsidiaries, especially the Code of Conduct.

Bambus will only achieve sustainable commercial success by managing the business in a responsible way. By being Simple, Personal, and Fair and helping people and businesses prosper, we will be responsible and earn people´s lasting loyalty. Therefore, ‘How’ we do things is as important as what we do and it is our Corporate Culture that sets out how we ensure we do not simply meet our legal and regulatory requirements, but we exceed expectations by being Simple, Personal, and Fair in all we do.

Our Corporate Culture is formed from the shared values and ethical standards we hold ourselves accountable to in line with our code of conduct, balancing our corporate responsibilities to earn both the trust and lasting loyalty of our people, customers, shareholders, and communities.


This policy must be observed by all employees, entities, and subsidiaries of the Group across all business areas and countries in which it operates. To this effect, Group companies are responsible for adopting and implementing this Corporate Culture policy, being the basis for developing and implementing their own procedures and other internal regulations, notwithstanding the adaptations that may be appropriate in compliance with local regulations and recommendations or the requirements of their supervisory authorities. Local transpositions of this policy must be approved locally at the Board level and will require prior validation by the Corporation before being approved by the corresponding entity.


The Bambus Group Culture is structured on three levels:

A. Common Minimum Standards. These elements are the backbone of our
culture. They have been formed through a bottom-up process and applied to
the entire Group. These elements cannot be changed.

B. Mandatory global initiatives to be implemented in the Group that can be adapted and managed locally.

C. Local initiatives, developed with autonomy within the Corporate Culture Policy and respect for the Corporate Frameworks (Compliance and Conduct, Risk, Brand, Sustainability and Communications Strategy, Human Resources, etc.).



1. Bambus Group recognizes and supports all existing sources of diversity, both visible (gender, race, age, visible disabilities,…) and invisible (professional and life experiences, education, religion, values and beliefs, invisible disabilities, sexual orientation, personality,…).

2. We promote inclusive working environments in which all individual differences are valued, respected, and enhanced. Having a diverse workforce is a competitive advantage that helps us to attain our business objectives, attract and retain the best talent and meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

3. Leaders and employees are selected, remunerated, and promoted based on meritocracy without discrimination.

4. The Group´s people’s management policies, processes, systems, and tools do not entail any bias that may give rise to situations of discrimination of any kind.

5. Our customers are diverse (in terms of gender, race, age, beliefs, abilities, sexual orientation….), and having a diverse workforce will help us to understand their needs better.

6. We comply with the prevailing international and local diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities legislation in each country.

7. Leaders and managers of the Group play an active role in diversity management.

8. We are committed to achieving pay equality for the whole of our workforce, comparing employees in the same job, level and function. The process is properly monitored to correct any detected pay inequality.

9. These general principles are underpinned by the Bambus Group's conviction that diversity and inclusion management is a fundamental issue linked to cultural transformation, the strategic vision of the company, and the Bambus Way.