Bambus Care Guide ​| Lets grow together 

Place the plant in bright, indirect sunlight.

Place your Bambus plant in an area that receives plenty of bright but indirect sun and has a temperature between 16 and 24 degrees Celsius.

Water the plant or change the water weekly.

Bambus plants require fresh water once a week, but avoid overwatering as they don't require much water for their survival.

Add fertilizer every 2 months or so for quicker growth. 

To avoid the harm caused by overfertilization, soil-growing plants should be fertilized sparingly with manure or compost, and water-growing plants using water-soluble fertilizer.

Use scissors or shears

Yellowed leaves can be removed by sterilizing pruning shears or scissors with light rubbing alcohol or vinegar, and cutting off the yellow parts or the entire leaf.

Repot your plant when it grows too big.

Bamboo typically outgrows its container after a year. Recoil the plant when the stalks become crowded, then repot it in a larger container that is 2 inches larger than the plant to avoid root damage.

Show it off!

Take pictures of your bambus and share it with your network with the hastags #Letsgrowtogether #BambusGroup

Lets keep growing together!

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