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Technology is an industry that changes every day, and so do we. With the help of the latest and most innovative solutions, we are able to meet any challenge that comes our way.We search the market for the insights you need to make you the leader. First, we find the required information to give your product a smooth landing in the tech world. Then, we program the necessary software with a user-friendly interface and also market your product into what it is: the best.


The healthcare system is facing many challenges. Technology has entered every industry, including healthcare, bringing more productivity and efficiency to every process. More software applications are also urgently needed in healthcare to handle the increasing amount of data.We are committed to providing quality healthcare technology and management systems for better healthcare. Besides the software applications that we offer, we also provide market research solutions. Through qualitative and quantitative research, we help healthcare organizations make data-driven decisions. Marketing for healthcare organizations is subject to constant change. A strategy that worked one year ago might not work today. We help your healthcare organization find the perfect marketing strategy to connect with patients more efficiently.


Telecommunication is a very big part of our lives, and our company makes that accessible, since communicating over extended distances is easily possible now. The latter is usually represented by the exchange of information through various technologies. What we offer is communication through a fast, secure, advanced (well connected) network that makes sure the information gets through unchanged.


The automotive industry has strong influence and importance worldwide and is also at the frontline of innovation. Nowadays it is important to understand the needs and desires of customers, including the numerous requirements they place on the service. With the help of the latest technology, we offer you a range of digital solutions to help you stay on top. We help you make the best decisions and understand what your customers need, and are always there for them, around the clock, in 26 languages.


When it comes to implementing policies and providing information and support, citizens have high expectations of their government. Bambus Group helps the public sector organizations deliver faster and better service, citizen-oriented and efficient.

We help you make public sector services cost-effective and efficient by harnessing the disruptive potential and digital technologies for you. With our extensive industry knowledge, we solve the biggest challenges facing public sector organizations today.


The utility industry is a large, fast-paced, and client-facing industry undergoing rapid change. Utility services are essential for modern society. Customers are expecting an ever-higher level of service – and it’s easier than ever to get that service elsewhere.Our customer service expertise enables them to create world-class customer experiences. We help our clients find new ways to grow and improve in this rapidly changing industry.


The education industry plays an important role in all countries around the world. We go beyond formal education and build a system where students can improve the skills needed to succeed in the job market.Technology-enhanced learning will be the future of learning, and we are one step ahead of it. We’ve built a system that puts the students first and gives them the opportunity to learn from anywhere they want. The educational infrastructure is needed for the new world.


The entertainment industry is a highly competitive industry that is subject to constant change due to ongoing innovation.With our capabilities, skills, and artistic flair, we keep pace with this changing world and produce unique content that catapults your company to the top of the competition. We deliver digital content that captures your customers’ attention, keeps them interested, and entertains them.


Banking does not function in the traditional way anymore. Instead, this industry is undergoing a radical transformation, driven by changing business models and digitalization.We help banks become more relevant, and leverage digitalization for growth, and financial institutions transform and simplify their processes while avoiding business disruption. Customers nowadays prefer to handle their service requests online at any time. Bambus Group helps you build new customer service models to interact immediately and personally with your clients.


The need for reliable electricity is growing every day. This puts a lot of pressure on energy companies to develop more sustainable and efficient solutions. With our digital capabilities and our skills in energy analytics, we are able to transform energy companies around the world. Bambus Group believes that the future of energy involves digitalization to improve industrial performance. We use data-driven insights to make strategic decisions that will keep your company ahead in business. We handle your customer journey.


Traveling today can be very difficult and unsafe due to several unexpected global events. Our company is developing a digital transformation to ensure a smooth and safe journey. Bambus Group works with travel & hospitality companies to address business challenges and increase revenue.
We help travel companies adopt new technologies and innovative ways of working in order to succeed in the travel industry. We turn these challenging times into great opportunities for growth.



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