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We identify opportunities to serve various groups of customers and help our clients clarify their unique value propositions. Examining the size of the market, and determining the best methods to meet the needs of your business are some of our many qualities and benefits. In addition, we make sure your work moves towards stability and consistency by recognizing the vital role of the youth in fostering innovation, and we are committed to actively supporting and nurturing the Innovators of tomorrow.





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Bambus, the leading BPO firm headquartered in Prishtina, Kosovo, specializes in Contact Center, Market Research Services, and Back-office. Established in 2014, we have become the fastest-growing Nearshore export in Kosovo, offering services in the top 5 most spoken languages: German, French, Italian, English, and Spanish.

Bambus Contact Center is one of the first subsidiaries of Bambus Group. With their expertise on board, Bambus Contact Center offers a wide range of services aimed at reducing the surcharged workload of businesses.

By working together, Bambus Contact Center and Bambus Group have assembled the most comprehensive range of contact center solutions like: Inbound, Outbound, Repair Center, and E-procurement, specifically designed to improve the way unique businesses engage with their customers. for a wide range of industries

Flutura Academy was established in 2020, and initially implemented as a learning platform and as a meeting place of opportunities. As a digital platform, it was launched as a necessity at the time of the start of the pandemic.

Flutura Academy assesses the inconsistency of the current skills of the labor market in Kosovo and is offering practical skills for qualification. The main goal is to solve the problem of youth unemployment through the creation of spaces for action, i.e the organization of professional training in the field of ICT and foreign languages, the measures envisaged within the Flutura Academy aim to address the challenges faced by Kosovo’s economy, especially the ICT / BPO sector.

Our Story started in 2021 with the acquisition of our 3D Animation studio by Bambus Group. Emerged as a game-changer in the industry with our very sophisticated services that include 3D  visualization, Film Production, and high-end CGI/VFX, we enhance innovative concepts. 
In 2022, Yoloway underwent a rebranding process that marked the beginning of its new narrative. This transformation expanded its  offerings, making its services more immersive with the inclusion of Metaverse and Game development, as well as XR technologies  such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed 
Reality (MR).

Taktika Studio is a group of enthusiastic and dedicated designers, developers, strategists, and marketing professionals craving creativity with more than four years of expertise. Taktika Studio provides a wide range of services covering various areas of expertise, including Amazon Optimization, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Graphic Design, 3D Configurator, and Branding. More than an agency, Taktika is an extension of your team, ready to launch or scale your business, and bring a seasoned perspective to the table.

Treedev is a Software development company that turns ideas into digital solutions using innovative tools and the latest technologies. Treedev’s services include web design and development, e-commerce solutions, mobile apps, VR/AR platforms, games, and digital marketing strategies. Working closely with each client to understand their unique needs and goals to deliver a product that exceeds expectations.
Our developers and software engineers specialize in delivering high-quality and effective solutions that help our clients succeed online.

Initiova, a sub-company of Bambus Group, is a licensed telecommunication provider that brings key communication channels and products like voice, chat, video, email, and social media powered by a cloud communication platform.

This premium licensed carrier is directly connected to tier 1 network owners and up to 65+ countries, covering more than 90% of the global economy. With Initova’s services, you can automate processes and increase the productivity of call centers by providing local calls, high response rates, and actionable insights.

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