4 Innovative solutions in technology

Digital transformation involves using digital technologies to create or change existing business processes, cultures and customer experiences. Many companies focus on digital transformation and developing digital solutions incorporating cutting-edge information technologies such as artificial intelligence.

The future of digital transformation is very optimistic and will bring positive changes to all aspects of human life.

Below are four innovative technological solutions that we should be familiar with and apply in our business:

1. Green Information Technology

Green IT is the practice of environmentally responsible computing, defined as the efficient and practical design, use, manufacture, and disposal of servers, computers, and related subsystems such as monitors, printers, storage devices, networks, and communications systems with minimal or no impact on the environment.
When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency introduced Energy Star in 1992, it launched the concept of green IT. This voluntary labeling program helps companies save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by identifying energy-efficient products. Other components of Green IT include data centers redesign and the increasing popularity of virtualization, cloud computing and green networking.

2. Renewable energy integration

Renewable energy integration involves integrating renewable energy, distributed generation, energy storage, thermally activated technologies, and demand-side management into the electric distribution and transmission system.

Renewable energy integration aims to improve the electric grid’s system design, planning, and operation to reduce carbon emissions and other air pollutants through increased use of renewable energy and other clean distributed generation.

3. Environmental technology

Environmental technology optimization from building design to the asset life cycle and environmental impact – each aspect is an essential part of responsible and efficient business operations.

Optimization techniques are rapidly evolving thanks to modeling software and solution algorithms.

4. Green Enterprise Data Centre

Green Enterprise Data Centre is an enterprise-class computing facility built, managed, and operated entirely according to green computing principles. It provides the same features and capabilities as a typical data centre but uses less energy and space and is environmentally friendly to build and operate.

Below are the key features of a green data centre:

  • Made from the ground up in an environmentally friendly facility.
  • Minimal power consumption for operations and maintenance – both for the primary data processing infrastructure and for supporting electronic resources such as cooling, backup, and lighting.
  • Typically, the data centre is powered by green or renewable energy, such as solar, wind, or hydroelectric power.
  • All infrastructure is installed with the lowest energy and carbon footprint.
  • Minimal e-waste through recyclable or reusable equipment.


Below are a few examples of why we should know and use digital innovation solutions:

  • Even the most prominent companies lack the workforce needed to innovate within their business continuously. Therefore, they need to use innovative solutions to find the right startup partners, track new technologies, identify trends, etc.
  • Small businesses can also benefit from innovative solutions because they are scalable and flexible.
  • Understanding innovative solutions and incorporating them into the corporate structure also helps recruit top talent.
  • By restructuring their innovation structure, adopting a more innovative approach, and cultivating a creative culture, Innovative Solutions supports companies in their pursuit of innovation.

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