Inauguration of the Third Flutura Academy Center: A Hub for Innovation and Learning

Flutura Academy has proudly unveiled its third center in an event that was attended by a broad and diverse audience. This significant milestone in education and innovation was celebrated through an inauguration ceremony, which highlighted the academy’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering excellence in various fields. 

The newly inaugurated Flutura Academy location is strategically situated in the heart of Ferizaj, providing easy access to students and professionals from the surrounding areas.

For a word of occasion, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Flutura Academy, Mr. Bekim Ahmetaj, the Mayor of Ferizaj, Mr. Agim Aliu, were present, during which Flutura Academy reached a cooperation agreement for the use of spaces of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Ferizaj, as well as the deputy head of the Office of the Council of Europe in Pristina, Mr. Tankut Soykan as partner in this journey, who have been mediators in this agreement. This collaboration is poised to create plenty of opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

Flutura Academy is dedicated to community engagement and plans to collaborate with local organizations, businesses, and nonprofits to positively impact Ferizaj.

We congratulate Flutura Academy we are proud of the Bambus Group and Flutura Academy team for shaping the future together.  

For more information about Flutura Academy’s programs and upcoming events at the new location, please visit https://flutura-academy.com/.

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