Flutura Academy Signs Another Cooperation Agreement

Flutura Academy has recently entered into a cooperation agreement to utilize the Professional Empowerment Center in Podujevë for a period of one year. The agreement was signed by the Academy’s representative, Mr. Bekim Ahmetaj, and the Director of IAAP, “Fan S. Noli,” Mr. Fatmir Emini.

On the one hand, the goal is to provide professional training in the field of ICT and, on the other, to provide conditions, services, and opportunities for innovative and entrepreneurial activities.

The inception of Flutura Academy as a learning platform and a hub for various opportunities in Drenas marked a significant milestone on September 14, 2021. This milestone simultaneously adds value to the state of Kosovo and to us as the parent company of Flutura Academy. With the intent to expand to other cities, Flutura has witnessed progressive growth. The pursuit of this goal is driven by dedication, desire, and motivation from all those who collaborate together.

We hold a strong belief in Flutura Academy’s ability to realize its objectives. We are committed to standing alongside it, aiding in surmounting challenges, and celebrating successes together.

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