7 years of Bambus Group

7 Years of Bambus Group

When Bambus Group was founded back in 2014, we were a small team in a challenging business environment with a defined vision combating tough circumstances. The only drive was to survive without compromising our values and integrity. After seven years of hard work, we remained just as ambitious as we started; however, we gained more experience and strengthened our skills and collaborations.

Celebrating seven years of Bambus Group, it’s all about our employees, customers, clients, and partners– people who made the company’s success possible. We are very grateful to all employees for their dedication and patience, for delivering quality to our customers, and for making Bambus a joint family. Moreover, it is a great pleasure to cooperate with all of our stakeholders. Due to their confidence and trust, Bambus is recognized as a leading professional company, which drives its business through knowledge and expertise.

As our progress is rewarding, we are very excited to maintain this trajectory. During these seven years, we truly believe our passion will help us build on the solid business foundation we’ve laid with commitment, respect, and a sustainable approach.

Our little dream, during these seven years, became so big. As a result, Bambus successfully established seven other sub-companies:  Bambus Contact CenterBambus Research, Taktika Studio, Flutura Academy, Yolo WayTreedev and Initova. We will continue to dream bigger because as the vision evolves, so do we!

To the employees: A big round of applause for all the fantastic employees like you who made this company incredible, you have always been an integral part of our journey. Without you, this journey would never have been so epic. You made us laugh; you made us learn, and you made us proud. It’s your contributions that made this company the giant today. Thank you for inspiring us in all these years!

On our company’s birthday, we would like to thank you for your appreciation and support to customers. It is an absolute honor to serve you.

Thank you to all who have supported Bambus on its way to success, we are very proud of what we’ve achieved together, and we remain genuinely indebted to everyone who has supported and enabled us to build this great business.

Let’s look forward to the best in the coming years.


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