A motivational speech by Sheki Useini!

We had the pleasure of welcoming Sheki Useini to our offices. He had prepared a motivational speech for our team!

Sheki Useini has a Master of Meditation certified by the OSHO center in India, he is a Spiritual Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Researcher, Visionary, Successful Entrepreneur, and Master of Martial Arts.
Since the end of 2004, he has been an entrepreneur in Switzerland. He began by dealing with the gastronomy sector. He managed several restaurants for several years before purchasing a restaurant in the Swiss Alps in 2012. He has fulfilled a long-held ambition of working four months a year and then devoting the remaining eight to spirituality.

Our team was very enthusiastic about being part of his motivational speech! They also showed more significant attention to Mr. Sheki Useini’s advice and practiced the various forms he taught, as well as meditation.

Sheki Useini has entrusted us with the work, and has joined our list of clientele!

We sincerely appreciate Mr. Useini’s visit and look forward to seeing him again.

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