Another successful audit from DEKRA

Bambus Group is one of the few companies in Kosovo, certified with ISO Standards. Last week, we had the honor to have one of the German auditors of Dekra visit our offices.

After a careful and detailed examination, Bambus Group successfully went through all the quality control procedures, this time being its third, and managed to prove again that quality lies at the core of our company. Through this audit, it has been shown that operations are systematic, effectual, and a cornerstone of consistent quality service that meets our customer’s needs. These standards encourage greater participation from top management, make it easier to adopt and align any other work process, and help us reach optimal operational efficiency. The latter also brings our employees and departments together. It gets everyone working toward the same goals.

Maintaining the ISO 20252: 2019 certification demonstrates to our customers that Bambus applies high-quality standards for every project and manages to keep customer data secure and confidential. The eligibility for the respective certification has given the company global compatibility and space for further improvement.

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