Bambus Group creates the musical group ‘Bambus Band’

Music is an inseparable part of our lives. Even though our team has different musical tastes and preferences, we can say that we are all passionate about beautiful and meaningful songs.

As music enthusiasts, together with the well-known vocalist, Hysen Kafexhiu, we have created the music group ‘Bambus Band’, without aiming for any profit, but rather creating something beautiful for society and ourselves. While we are enthusiasts of music, for Hysen – music is a way of living. Since 2006, he has made numerous old Albanian and foreign songs – especially from the Pop Rock genre of the ‘80s – a natural part of youth parties in the cities of Kosovo and Albania.

We are pleased that in addition to Hysen, professional musicians such Faton Aliu on drums and Orest Gjoshi on guitars have joined Bambus Band.

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