Bambus Group expands its offices in Vushtrria

On 5th of September, 2018, Bambus Group opened a CATI venue in the city of Vushtrri in Kosovo, by expanding the locally located Bambus Group’s offices’ number up to 6 by now. This venue is now a meeting place for our employees from Vushtrri who have always been a great asset for our team.

More than 20 multilingual youngsters from Vushtrri now provide services for global researches and companies. While our employees based in Vushtrria will have an easier time working in a place closer to home, we take pride on contributing towards engaging citizens of more peripheral places in the global market through providing them with continuous training and supervision.

Would you like to know more about Vushtrria?

Vushtrria is a small town located in the Mitrovica District in northern Kosovo, inhabited by 26,964 people. The municipality of Vushtrri consists of 67 villages and is surrounded with the city of Mitrovica in the north, Podujevo in the east, Obilić in the south, Glogovac in the south-west, and Skenderaj in the west. The main characteristic of the city is its cultural and historic monuments. The city’s castle, stone bridge, public bath and Cesme were built centuries ago and are the biggest attractions of the city.

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