Bambus Group is bringing Yoloway to life

Starting in June 2022, our 3D and CG/VFX animation studios will be operating as one.

Neopictures is rebranding into YOLOWAY. A new brand name, with a fresh logo. Now, Yoloway stands for a creative agency and 3D visualization studio that turns wild ideas into full-length CGI/VFX animation videos. The company is ready to take the animation to the next level with unique concepts and talented artists.

The company’s services are Modeling and Texturing, Rigging, 3D animation, Motion Capture, FX dynamics, Compositing, Editing, and Color Garding.

Thanks to everyone’s dedication, we have been able to successfully grow our business and achieve big things!

Check out our creative projects at the link below: https://yolo-way.com/work/

Bambus Group team

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