Bambus Group is celebrating 8 successful years!

Bambus Group was founded in 2014. It all started with a lot of passion and confidence to achieve the desired goal, even though we were initially a small team in a challenging business environment, fighting against difficult circumstances with a defined vision.

During our journey, many ambitious people joined us, and together we took the challenges and turned them into success. As a result, Bambus successfully established seven other sub-companies: Bambus Contact Center, Bambus Research, Taktika Studio, Flutura Academy, Yoloway, Treedev, and Initova, and expanded into different cities and countries.

And today…

We are celebrating 8 years of serving our clients with professionalism, dedication, and care, always keeping in mind that team satisfaction, collaboration with partners, and client happiness should be our top priorities. 8 years of commitment with innovation, dedication, perseverance, and the quality of our services, which are the distinguishing elements of our brands. And after these years, we have remained as ambitious as when we started, but we have gained more experience and expanded our capabilities and collaborations. We will continue to dream of becoming bigger because as the vision evolves, so do we!

8 years together, thank you all for your commitment!

Dear team: A fantastic journey is waiting for us to grow together!

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