Bambus Group moves to a new venue in Peja

During March, 2019, we moved to a new venue in Peja. Upgrading our offices to a contemporary working environment consisting of 850 m/2 and 250 seats, our employees based in Peja now have the chance to experience one of the most recreational working places in the country. Bambus Group’s new office in Peja is designed as to provide a harmonious lively place so our employees are able to experience a naturewise, serene feeling. We equipped the office with recreational facilities, so whenever a break or a quest for inspiration is needed, employees can refresh their mind.

Our office in Peja is the biggest office of Bambus Group having 100 multilingual employees on board who provide their services based on a three-shift schedule which proves our on-going availability for clients both local and overseas.

Would you like to know more about Peja?

Peja has a rich cultural and historical inheritance being host to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is surrounded by stunning nature. The entire region is inhabited by 180,000 citizens; of which 100,000 are concentrated in the urban center of Peja. In the last decade, there is a huge settlement of the population in the city, due to better living conditions and more employment opportunities. The city lies in the northwestern part of Kosovo, at the foot of Bjeshkët e Nemuna (the Accursed Mountains) and Rugova Canyon. Once you pass through Rugova Canyon, you will notice its beauty and undiscovered treasures. Peja lies on the banks of the Lumbardh River springing from Bjeshkët e Nemuna for 63 km, after which it joins the longest river in Kosovo, the Drini i Bardhë. The spring of Drini i Bardhë is also in Peja municipality, in the village Radavc, with attractive waterfalls.

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