Bambus Group reaches Gjakova and Mitrovica

September found Bambus Group with another two new venues opened in Gjakova and Mitrovica. Aiming to meet new projects’ increasing needs, we expanded our locally located offices up to 8 now, providing services by more than 300 multi-lingual employees. In overall, Bambus Group has circa 550 available seats spread around its offices in 8 main cities of Kosovo and looks forward to enlarging its team.

We opened our venue in Gjakova on 16th of September and welcomed the first 30 interviewers in our team, while the venue in Mitrovica, with 50 agents on board started working on 23rd of September. Youngsters from both Gjakova and Mitrovica are now enabled to provide services for global researches and companies from their home cities.

While our employees based in these two cities will have an easier time working closer to home, we take pride on contributing towards engaging citizens of more peripheral cities in the global market through providing them with continuous training and supervision. This contribution aligns with our efforts to decentralize the job market through establishing job opportunities in smaller cities where their citizens can engage and contribute to local economic development. This strategy of diffusing work places around Kosovo complies with our policies of providing cost-effective workplaces nearby employee’s homes so they are not required to spend in order to earn their compensations.

Youngsters from Gjakova and Mitrovica are encouraged to apply and choose any of 8 venues in Kosovo, while we ensure to provide the optimal job package to different lifestyles.

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