Bambus Group Team at Expo 2020 Dubai

The Bambus Group team took part in one of the world’s largest fairs, Expo 2020 Dubai, which attracted 191 countries.

This fair is located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and spans 1,083 acres, making it one of the world’s largest, and will be on display for six months, until March 31, 2022.

The Expo 2020 Dubai is divided equally into petal-shaped zones representing sustainability, opportunity, and mobility. Anchoring each zone is a large themed pavilion set to remain after the fair. Each country participates with their pavilion, showcasing their history, accomplishments, tourist attractions, and ambitions. Many inspiring meetings, conversations, and ideas were exchanged on the Expo’s themes.

Every day is a new adventure at Expo 2020 Dubai. As a result, we are grateful to have been a part of this journey as a team, and we are proud to share with you that we have gained a lot of knowledge due to our involvement. We saw what humanity could accomplish when working together once again, starting with stunning architecture, cutting-edge technology, and the magical energy of live shows.

A special thank you to the Pavilion of the Republic of Kosovo for the warm hospitality and the special efforts they made.

We are excited and grateful for the experience! | Bambus Group

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