Fatmir Zymberi – the second guest at Flutura Talk

We had the opportunity to have a very motivating conversation with Mr. Fatmir Zymberi in the second edition of Flutura Talk.

Flutura Talks’ mission is to promote ideas and names from various fields that can serve as role models for Drenas’ youngsters. Flutura Talk will introduce guests to a different perspective through personal stories, inspiring young people to break down barriers, norms, and social constructs in order to reach their full potential.

The first edition took place on November 25th, with Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga as the special guest. She is Kosovo’s first female President and the youngest elected President in the Balkans’ modern history.

The second edition took place recently in Drenas at Flutura Academy. Mr. Fatmir Zymberi is the owner and general manager of Scan Color-JYSK, and General Manager of KFC-Kosovo. Some interactive discussion points included a peripheric childhood, migration with various challenges, entrepreneurial spirit, and returning to homeland with business ideas. The simplicity with which he approaches the narrative of his journey to success piqued our students’ interest and sparked many questions.

Flutura Academy is a place of opportunities for the young generation. We will fulfill the Academy’s purpose with the help of our partners and teamwork!

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