Flutura Academy, an extraordinary success story

The date 14.09.2021 marked the inauguration of Flutura Academy, and since then, its achievements have not ceased. Serving as an exemplary success story, Flutura Academy fills us with pride at every step, from its innovative concept to its role as a place where students thrive in various ways.

This time, a significant number of students were certified by the academy during a grand gathering. The Certification Ceremony of Flutura Academy students took place at “Fehmi Lladrovci” square in Drenas, symbolizing the triumphant conclusion of the 2022-2023 academic year for 515 students.

Students, parents, deputies of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, representatives of the Municipality of Drenas, members of the Municipal Council, deputy deans from the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Pristina “Hasan Prishtina,” school principals, and local and international partners all participated in the celebration of this event.

Flutura Academy will have our support in all aspects, and together we will achieve many successes.

Congratulations to all certified students; you have showcased your talent and demonstrated a strong desire for personal and academic growth.

Let’s grow together!

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