Flutura Academy is on the right path to achieve its vision

Flutura Academy has signed a cooperation agreement for the functionalization of the Innovation Center in the Municipality of Ferizaj, between the representative of Flutura Academy, Mr. Bekim Ahmetaj, and the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Ferizaj, Mr. Lulzim Aliu.

This project is unique and dedicated to all young people, regardless of their background, where they will not only have the opportunity for professional preparation and growth in accordance with market demands, but also the opportunity to be trained and inspired for innovative entrepreneurship initiatives. The goal is to offer professional training in the field of ICT and, on the other hand, to provide conditions, services, and opportunities for innovative and entrepreneurial activities.

Flutura Academy was established in 2020 and is part of the Bambus Group. Initially, it was created as a learning platform but also as a meeting place for opportunities. Its journey started in Drenas, and it has always had a vision to empower youth in all regions of Kosovo by offering trainings that increase their employability and improve their overall well-being. With this agreement reached with the Municipality of Ferizaj, Flutura Academy is precisely moving towards its vision, which we can definitely consider a well-deserved success.

We are very proud of what Flutura is achieving as well as the way it is achieving success. This is thanks to the hardworking team’s determination to put things in the right place. In addition, the interest of young people is giving more charm to all the projects that Flutura is realizing.

We congratulate Flutura for this achievement, and we will always support the team and students in every possible way.

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