Initova GmbH joins Bambus Group

After successful years of cooperation, Bambus Group is delighted to announce that Initova digital platform is now part of Bambus Group. A strategic partnership was formalized with Initova aiming at maximizing the efficiency and productivity of our holdings. This partnership will enable us to exchange best practices, bring human and capital resources together, thus adding value to services provided to our clients.

Initova is a digital platform, based in Cologne, Germany, consisting of a user-driven approach with a modular concept, combining software and service to implement state-of-the-art data collection and communication technologies for organizations of various sizes. Bambus Group will benefit from their expertise in terms of data collection, reporting, market insights and hosting solutions. On the other hand, with more than 300 multilingual agents who provide their services in more than 20 languages, Bambus Group will support Initova’s work in each necessary segment of their work.

Navid Tabrizi, Initova GmbH’s Chief Executive Officer, has been closely overseeing Bambus Group’s professional growth over years and considers that this strategic partnership brings lots of values to the clients of Initova. “After years of successful cooperation, we both say the need to tighten up our relationship and team, which will be in the benefits of our joint customers.” said Tabrizi.

In line with this, Bekim Ahmetaj, CEO of Bambus Group, explained that this partnership came as a result of projects’ increasing needs and that Bambus Group will benefit from Initova’s experience on improving our clients’ satisfaction.

Strategic partnerships and networking, which bring added value to Bambus Group work, are of paramount importance to us. We look forward to connecting with partners to bring high quality services to our industry.

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