Opening of the Flutura Academy

We are happy to announce the beginning of a new era in Kosovo, in the field of education. Date 14.09.2021 marks the inauguration of Flutura Academy, a contemporary center that offers professional training suitable for students of different ages, from the first grade to the twelfth. Flutura Academy provides free training in the most popular fields of the market, such as Information and Communications Technology and Foreign Languages, but also aims to address other areas. Therefore, this training center is for all students who want to improve their professional skills and acquire the knowledge required in the labor market.

The inauguration was attended by important figures from the field of education, but not only. We thank all those who have contributed to the realization of this gigantic project and those who will take care of its progress. The first meeting point will be in Drenas, but Flutura will not stop there. A long road awaits us, and we will travel it together. The future is bright with Flutura.

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