Yoloway attended the K5X Retail Conference in June 2022

After a two-year break, the K5X Future Retail Conference returned to Berlin, and the Yoloway team participated in Europe’s most successful retail conference with Metaverse projects.

Top industry speakers, motivation for e-commerce enthusiasts and your business, fantastic networking opportunities, a sizable exhibitor area, and a unique event were all features of The K5 Conference.

Yoloway is the head of the metaverse by creating and launching metaverse projects that are fueled by immersive 3D virtual environments and integration services by interoperable work to give users vivid realism in their virtual experiences across verticals, such as gaming space development, manufacturing, events, training, work, and NFT marketplaces.

In addition to services that build bridges between real life to the virtual world, Yoloway provides digital VFX services that include modeling & texturing, rigging, 3D Animation, FX Dynamics, Compositing, Editing, and Color Grading.

Yoloway is a door for everyone passionate about innovation, creativity, and technology. It is a door to the metaverse and beyond!

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